Our accurate online analysis positions your credit union for improved profitability and member value.

It's this simple: To reach maximum profitability, credit unions need to focus the right resources on the right things. CUAnalyst Financial combines comprehensive data and applied intelligence to help you determine what your priorities should be. Accurately. Quantitatively. Efficiently.
With color-coded decision trees, you'll have easy access to custom analysis specific to your credit union – plus clear recommendations for improving profits and member value. Credit union executives realize quantitative benefits from this innovative, online approach to consultative support. Here are some of the ways you can leverage these powerful online advisory tools:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Budget and planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • M&A candidate identification
  • Efficiency ratio analysis
  • Board and management reporting
  • Quarterly performance reviews
  • Trend analysis

A Cutting Edge Benchmarking System

Our 75 Strategic Niches Classifications enable you to draw comparisons to a group of peer credit unions (and/or banks) whose operating strategies are identical to yours. Comparing your institution with these closely aligned financial institutions produces more accurate conclusions for your strategic and tactical planning. There's also value in combining analysis from your strategic peer group with results from local and custom peer groups. CUAnalyst Financial simplifies the entire process.

Key Capabilities

CUAnalyst Financial provides much more than industry data; it drives to conclusions on how your credit union can improve profitability. Benefit from these advanced features:

Strengths and weaknesses summaries

Strengths and weaknesses summaries reveal the best areas for improvement, with drill-downs to deeper analysis.

Color-coded decision trees

Color-coded decision trees show earnings drivers and impediments based on trend analysis and peer comparisons.

Your Top 5 Action Plan

Your Top 5 Action Plan ranks where you should focus the most effort and resources.


Benefit from these advanced features:

  • Easy access to analysis for every credit union, bank and thrift in the country
  • Strategic, local and custom peer groups
  • Choice of analysis levels: holding company, branches, etc.
  • Quick views of underlying analysis and trends
  • ROE or Efficiency Ratio orientations for analysis
  • Detailed financial data for viewing and export
  • Quantified earnings market targets
  • Recommended resource allocation
  • Automatic quarterly updates

A CUAnalyst Financial subscription includes a senior strategist to assist your team. Learn more.

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  • Conduct a 60 minute online planning session— customized to your bank.
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