Uncover the realities of how best to grow your business.

BankAnalyst® Market enables you to quantify your institution's earnings market potential and accurately assess the competitive landscape of your markets. These online advisory tools give your bank's executives continuous access to the information they need to develop highly effective consumer and commercial market expansion strategies.

Vital intelligence about branches, customers, prospects and competition.

BankAnalyst Market delivers actionable recommendations that you can easily grasp and immediately put to use. We have profiled every consumer household in each census block in the country and every commercial business in each zip code in the country as well as profiling each banking and credit union branch. BankAnalyst Market delivers a comprehensive plan, highlighting your best opportunities. Your bank executives can leverage our technology to generate positive results in a number of areas, including:

  • Consumer Market – Use demographic profiles, contact lists, and product propensities of every household in each location's footprint.
  • Commercial Market – Target individual businesses based on in-depth analysis such as cash-to-sales ratios and deposit level estimates.
  • Competitive Positioning – See how each branch compares with its competitors – then optimize performance levels.
  • Branch Budgeting and Goal Setting Benefit from aggregated balance forecasts that show the potential for specific consumer and commercial products.
  • Branch Network Optimization Refer to accurate, quantified market potential to guide decisions about staffing, resource allocations, relocations, closures, M&A evaluations, expansion and more.
  • Customer Segmentation – Know which customers are likely to buy which consumer or commercial products, then execute more effective cross-sell, retention and new origination initiatives.


Key capabilities

With these intuitive capabilities, BankAnalyst Market clearly illuminates where you should focus your efforts to grow your franchise:


Color-coded Decision Trees

Color-coded Decision Trees identify and map consumer and commercial market opportunities.

Instant mapping

Instant mapping of branch characteristics and market demographics — in any radius — help you position the franchise for market.

The Branch Investment Matrix

The Branch Investment Matrix instantly reveals franchise market position and market potential for better planning.

Other features provided by BankAnalyst Market include:

  • Household profile data for the franchise and each branch
  • Commercial business profiles for the franchise and each branch
  • FDIC and NCUA data for area competitors
  • Aggregated retail balance forecasts by census block
  • Franchise market share by product and service
  • Branch and franchise level market demand by product and service
  • Customer segmentation into 58 Nielsen lifestyle groups
  • Targeted prospect lists for business deposits and loans
  • Instant market analysis by county or address
  • Emerging and growing market evaluations
  • Marketplace saturation analysis
  • New potential site analysis
  • Whole bank acquisition analysis
  • Branch acquisition analysis

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