These key differentiators make our solution superior.

All bank executives would like to have access to a trusted advisor that can provide sound advice on the best ways to increase profits, grow earnings and manage risk, you've found it here. Our online advisory solution will pinpoint your best opportunities so you are sure you are working on the right things.

Here's what makes our online advisory solution so different:

  • Unique Applied Intelligence
    Our technology automates the complex thought processes of the best industry advisors to analyze the factors bank executives need to consider for strategic and tactical planning. A foundational element to our analytical approach is the way in which these tools detect your banks performance deficiencies. Peer comparisons using our 135 Strategic Classifications produces highly accurate ratio and exception analysis.
  • Objective Conclusions
    The Bank Intelligence online tools do more than present findings; they provide definitive, objective conclusions. Instantly and automatically, our solution leads you from discovery to sound recommendations about actions you should take to address your banks deficiencies — including product options.

4-Step Decision Process

Our 4-Step Decision Process navigates your best route to performance improvements:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Quantify opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritize areas that merit resource allocation
  • Recommend specific potential solutions to use

  • Advanced Delivery Model
    The Bank Intelligence online advisory tools are delivered as on-demand solutions. That means there is no software installation or implementation. You have instant online access to a complete advisory solution, minus the pain and cost of traditional consulting services and/or software. Consider these advantages:
    • Comprehensive, integrated data from a myriad of sources
    • Applied intelligence and conclusions
    • Instant access to online decision tools
    • On-demand access to industry experts
    • No implementation headaches
    • No software installation requirements
    • No data input requirements
    • No charges for enhancements

Our advanced delivery model delivers the benefit of strategic decisions, on demand.

Our advanced delivery model

Comprehensive Data combining more than 30 database sources:

  • Financial Data
  • Consumer Data
  • Business Data
  • Branch Data
  • Market Data
  • Your Customer Data

Applied Intelligence derived through:

  • Proprietary Methodology
  • Data Transformation
  • Objective Conclusions

Online Advisory Tools:

  • BankAnalyst® Financial
  • BankAnalyst® Market
  • BankAnalyst® Risk
  • CUAnalyst Modules
  • Access to Expert Bank Strategists for Online Collaboration

Business Applications

  • Strategic Planning
  • Resource Allocation
  • Branch Acquisition
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Product Development

Just as important, our BankAnalyst® and CUAnalyst tools are extremely efficient and cost-effective.
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