The Farmers State Bank
Quinton, OK

"Our meeting went above and beyond what was expected. Bank Intelligence didn't just sell me a product and said now go use it. Bank Intelligence has provided help and insight on how to use the product to make the critical decisions we need to make."

Chris Jordan

Premier Community Bank
Marion, WI

"I'm usually leery of offers to participate in web conferences, especially those that come with "no obligation"! However, I was seeking a fresh perspective on our planning activities and the Bank Intelligence complimentary session intrigued me. It did not take long into the call to realize that Bank Intelligence was something special. The thoroughness of the Senior Bank Strategist and the simplicity of the presentation was incredible. We became a client shortly after the complimentary session. Bank Intelligence is now an important part of our Asset/Liability management function as well as a resource for strategic planning."

Thomas Pamperin
President & CEO

American Fork, UT

"Bank Intelligence has allowed us to verify the progress of various strategic objectives coupled with comparative peer performance. Also, areas of strength or weakness are either affirmed or uncovered using this system."

Westbury Bank
West Bend, WI

"We’ve had a great relationship with them over the years – they’re very consultative and collaborative and very generous with their time. We appreciate their insight and guidance.”"

Kirk Emerich

Starion Bank
Mandan, ND

"Our Strategist is an excellent resource to us as we are becoming more familiar with the Bank Intelligence tool and ask great questions to determine if there were any manual tasks we were completing that the Bank Intelligence tool could help us automate. Based upon these questions, we determined there was a manual task that could be automated with the Bank Intelligence tool. Our Strategist worked closely with us to help us create a custom peer comparison report that saves us time each quarter of having to manual gather data on our peers."

Brenna Ohman
Financial Reporting Manager

The Bank of New Glarus
New Glarus, WI

"Bank Intelligence has proven to be a valuable tool for our bank by allowing us to understand, at a deeper level, where our strengths and weaknesses are. We are able to "drill down" to a deeper level of information. It provides us with a comprehensive comparison between us and our peer group. It helps us to see in exactly what areas we are ahead or behind other banks within our market. It would be extremely difficult for someone to gather and analyze all of the data we receive from Bank Intelligence. The quarterly strategy web conferences give us the information we need to make better decisions and is in a way that is easy to understand."

Progressive Savings Bank
Jamestown, TN

"Progressive Savings Bank has always had a deep commitment to the communities we serve. We’ve made significant investments in our branch infrastructure and the quality of our people to ensure a high level of service. To support the investment in our branch network, our strategy is to methodically execute profitable growth in each of our markets. Fiserv Bank Intelligence’s analytical tools quantify the growth potential for each commercial and consumer segment, by market, so that we can better align our product offerings and target our marketing to maximize loan and deposit and other financial services growth at each location"

Windsor Federal Savings and Loan Association
Windsor, CT

"Bank Intelligence offers fantastic quantitative insight into market demographics and growth opportunities across the communities we serve. BankAnalyst is an extraordinary tool for identifying opportunities not only in our current footprint, but for analysis of potential markets for expansion. Our strategist has been exceptionally responsive and extremely helpful in deciphering the data, interpreting the analysis and in translating it into a format suitable for senior officer and board level presentations. Knowing your markets and thinking you know your markets are two completely different distinctions. Bank Intelligence has allowed us the opportunity to understand the demographics in specific communities and craft campaigns unique to a specific market which has helped to distinguish us in our communities"

David Oliver
SVP of Retail Banking

CFCU Community Credit Union
Ithaca, NY

"Banking Intelligence is an impressive tool that has played a key role in our decision making process. We appreciate the wealth of data that can be derived from the program and the responsiveness of the Banking Intelligence team. Our strategist always gets back to us quickly to help answer questions, clarify information, or delve deeper into the available tools."

Rebecca Roberts
Principal of Strategic Initiatives

Bank of Bridger National Association
Bridger, MT

"BankAnalyst Risk, an enterprise Risk Management tool that Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv provides to our bank is an integral part of our overall risk management system. The information provides a valuable third party review that is concise and to the point for both bank board members as well as bank regulators. Our bank regulators were pleased to see that we had taken the proactive step of involving a quality third party agent into our process."

Bart Langemeier


"As Central Kentucky’s leading community bank, we are dedicated to helping our customers and communities. One of the most important ways we support that commitment is to make sure we understand the financial services needs of our customers and markets. By understanding those opportunities we can develop a laser like focus on customer life stages, product needs and channels. To gain that insight we use Fiserv Bank Intelligence as an essential tool in our strategic and marketing planning processes. They provide the data, analytics and advisory support to help us understand and prioritize our opportunities for further growth with existing customers and new customer acquisition in each of our communities. We have found their support to be invaluable for strategic planning, market analysis and segmentation, financial and risk analysis and new site selection. We are very pleased to have Bank Intelligence as a strategic partner."

Steve Kelly


"As the region’s only local, full-service, community-owned financial institution operating for 130 years, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust (CNB) has developed a strong culture of commitment to our customers, our communities, our shareholders, and our colleagues. We have made long term plans for the future to ensure that our bank and communities continue to thrive and grow. Our relationship with Bank Intelligence extends over 10 years. Their online tools and strategist services have aided us in understanding our markets, our opportunities for franchise growth, market expansion and how to continue to build on our performance success. We believe effective data analytics is mission critical to profitable growth strategies in 21st century banking. Bank Intelligence is a key resource for effective data analytics and CNB’s strategy development needs."

Larry Heilbronner-Kolthoff
Director (former CFO)

The Stephenson National Bank and Trust
Marinette, WI

"The financial comparisons and ability to create custom peer groups truly allow us to conduct the necessary analysis to challenge ourselves in our strategic planning process. The market analysis is significantly helpful in assessing both opportunities and challenges in each market we serve, thus allowing us to better understand whether our financial results in those markets are attributable to our execution or to market-specific factors. Most of all, having the insight and facilitation of our Senior Strategist helps us to remain focused on continuous improvement while appreciating our prior achievements."

Greg Salmen
EVP & Trust Manager

Regent Bank
Tulsa, OK

"Our bank experiences fast and reliable service from our senior strategist at Bank Intelligence making them one of the best vendors we partner with. Their solutions have allowed us to automate quarterly reporting saving countless hours of preparation. We greatly appreciate our partnership."

Sarah Yocham
Assistant Controller